JG Original

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JG Original

All wigs of DragQueenWigs are tailor-made: exclusive, unique and hand-curled by wigmaster John Gravemaker himself, hence they all have his JG Original label.


DragQueenWig’s assortment consists exclusively in single and double front lace JG Original wigs in six colours and can also be ordered with hair pieces, re-growth, roots and/or high- and lowlights.


JG Original wigs are always available in six colours (blond, honey blond, brown, chesnut brown, black and red) and are also available in a number of high- and lowlights.


You can always ask DragQueenWigs for another model of JG Original wigs, for other colours and/or for other colour combinations, as well as for other high- and lowlightsvarieties. “I will order them personally for you< says John.


DragQueenWigs also offers hair-extensions in the same six colours as listed above. You can combine these with the single front lace JG Original wigs I offer.

John: “It would help me a great deal if you have the specific colour code(s) at hand and e-mail them to me”.


And last but not least DragQueenWigs also offers front lace JG Original wigs with re-growth in your wigs, but only in light colours.


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DragQueenWigs only produces tailor-made JG Original wigs by order and paid fully in advance, as stated in the General Conditions.


Right after completing the ordering procedure your JG Original wig is being personally curled by wigmaster John Gravemaker himself. Once your JG Original wig is finished it will be brought to your home by parcel service.


JG Original Wigs I have in stock will take 2-4 weeks.


Special orders of JG Original wigs in specific colours, color combinations, with hair-extensions or with re-growth might take 6-10 weeks. This also applies to colours and colour combinations which are not in stock.

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