About John

I think and dream hair. This inspires me each and every day to create and curl new models.”

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Through DragQueenWigs I provide drag queens all over the world with the most creative, exclusive, unique, personal and tailor-made wigs for drag queens, transvestites and transgenders. I am proud to be able to do this with my own brand: JG Original wigs.


With over 50 years of experience being a hairdresser I dare call myself a top hair-dresser:  I only deliver top quality. For years I participated in international hairdresser contests. The techniques I learned there I now practice in my JG Original wigs. That’s why I curl all JG Original myself, by hand. And that’s why I call myself a wigmaster.


My creativity has no limtis: I think and dream hair. This inspires me to create and curl new models, to think of new colour combinations that are nowhere else in the world available for my drag queen customers.


Creativity also means: to observe and listen very closely to what my drag queen customers exactly want. That’s where it all starts. Only this way I am able to create my JG Original wigs to what they are: I am the hairdresser who listens!


Delivering permanent top quality, thats what all my customers get. I do everything myself by hand and therefore can personally guarantee that every JG Original meets the highest standard.

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